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Please note: Magnetic Eyeliner is sold separately

Do you want that natural look with a little boost? 

Our most natural vegan lash, Halo is your go-to everyday lash for a soft natural look. Shh, nobody will know they’re falsies! Criss-cross alternating strands of 9mm add a slightly wispy effect to the natural look. Halo compliments all eye shapes and is perfect for beginners!

Made from top-quality synthetic fibers. Halo looks and feels like your regular mink lash but is 100% vegan.

No glue, no mess! Since there is no glue residue, the lashes are so easy to clean and reuse! Keep it safe in Lashonomic magnetic case and it’ll last you up to 60 wears! Six magnets on the band hold lash in place all day long. Use anchors for extra support if needed. Wind-proof, water-proof, and sweat-proof.

Length: 9mm

Shape: Round

Style: Natural

Band length: 2.9 cm

Material: Premium Quality Synthetic Fiber


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