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We offer this service to provide you with appropriate solutions

for shopping from all American websites.


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How it works

Buy For Me Requests

buy for me requests
how it works

Many of our customers suffered from the difficulty of shopping from American websites and were facing problems that prevented them from continuing their shopping. example

·       Some sites do not accept non-US bank cards.
·       Not providing international shipping at US sites.
·       Some sites ask for an American phone number and send a verification code to it.
·       Difficulty browsing American websites that do not support the Arabic language.

The buy me service came to make it easier for customers to shop from all American websites to get products that are not available in their countries.
Explain how buy me works and what are the steps
Register on the Medex website to obtain an American address.

·       Add product links and order details that you want to purchase to the control panel.
·       The work team processes your request and sends a final report on prices and makes sure of their availability.
·       You will be notified of the costs and the payment
·       We will make the purchase as required.
·       You will be notified when we receive any request, photograph , and will put all the photos in your account for viewing
·       Collect your orders in your special box that you received during registration on the Medex website.
·       Processing all orders to complete the shipping process upon request.
The site gets 10% of the order value.

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