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Terms of Services

1- Terms of use:

• The member must be at least 18 years old.

• You must maintain the security and confidentiality of your membership: secret numbers, tracking numbers and any personal information will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from your violation of this security obligation.

• We reserve the right to amend shipping rates and services at any time without prior notice.

• You must use your full legal name, email address, local address, and any other information requested to complete the registration process.

• Medex has the right to cancel the account for any fraud.

2- Services:

• Medex provides multiple shipping options from multiple carriers, and the delivery time varies according to the carrier.

• We would like to note that Medex does not provide any guarantees on the time of arrival of the shipment and its responsibility ends by delivering the shipment to the carrier, as it is responsible for delivering the order to the customer, and in the event of any problem with the shipment, the member must communicate with the carrier.

• Shipping fees are based on either the actual or volumetric weight, whichever is greater, after processing the order (volumetric weight: dimensions = length * width * height / 166), with a note that shipping prices are calculated at the time of shipment and are subject to change at any time.

• Any additional charges outside the shipping fee will be the responsibility of the customer. Depending on the type, weight and size of the shipment, some shipments may require additional fees, for example (taxes and customs)

3- Recording Shipments (Member Purchases:

• In the event that any shipment arrives at Medex without registering it in a customer account, the customer is required to inform Medex within 10 working days from the date of arrival of the shipment until it is registered in the membership of its owner, and in the event that the customer is not informed within 10 working days from the date of arrival Shipment Any order will be automatically rejected and the shipment destroyed, and Medex will not be responsible for damaged products

• In the event that Medex receives any of the prohibited substances, the customer will be notified immediately and the customer will have a period of 10 working days to remove the prohibited substance(s) from the Medixwarehouse in accordance with the company's policy.

• If the customer continues to request prohibited products, Medex has the right to cancel the membership without any compensation for the products or the value of shipping, and the member has no right to claim.

• The customer must check the price and quantity of the products inside the shipment to confirm the accuracy before ordering a shipment, and if there is a difference, the invoice must be sent through the customer service for modification before the shipment request. The customer is not entitled to claim any customs fees resulting from an error in data entry - if the request is made - the customer is considered to have fully agreed with the declared value.

4- Order processing:

• After completing the order processing, the customer has 7 days to pay the shipping value. In the event that the shipping value is not paid within 7 days, storage fees will be charged to the member, which is $1 per day for each order. In the event of non-payment within 10 days, Medex has full authority to destroy the contents of the order and to suspend or cancel the client's account.

• Before ordering a shipment, it is the customer's responsibility to confirm the description and price of the product that will be sent. Medix will not be responsible for delays, damages, or penalties resulting from customs declarations or customs duties in your country.

• Medex warehouse does not have the feature to control temperature and humidity, and products that must be kept at a low temperature (cold) may be damaged during storage, shipment or storage with the carrier company, Medex does not bear any responsibility and is not compensated for.

• The maximum value of the shipment should not exceed $2500. 

• If the shipment is returned to MEDEX due to issues with customs documentation, import regulations, duties or taxes, the customer will be responsible for the return fee. 

• The client will assign MEDEX responsible for preparing the special files for the shipments with full authorization to take care of all legal procedures egpreparing invoices and any other document required to ship the shipment to the client. 

5- Storage:

• Shipments (purchases) can be stored free of charge for 60 days. But after that, a fee of ($ 5 per week) will be charged for an additional 15 days, and after 60 full days of registering the shipment in the account, the shipment will be disposed of without any responsibility on Medex.

6- Insurance (explanation of compensation claims and required documents(

• Medex provides optional freight insurance. The customer must confirm the value of each shipment before raising the shipment request and confirm before confirming the order.

• Medex file a claim with the carrier, and in the event of a claim, the amount paid will be based either on the weight of the shipment or the percentage of the declared value in accordance with the conditions and regulations of the carrier.

• The contents should be checked upon receipt, and the original boxes of shipments are kept, all shipping packaging and packaging boxes are not disposed of when there is a damaged or missing product so that we can raise a request to the insurance company.

• In order for Medex to confirm the loss or damage with the carrier, the customer must provide evidence such as photos of the damaged items and any packaging or other documents to help prove the claim. Note that external damage to the shipping box or the product box only, without damage to the purpose itself, is not covered by insurance.

• In the event that the box has been received and there are missing products, a complaint must be submitted to us through customer service within five days from the date of receipt. Any complaint lodged after more than 5 days will be rejected.

• Medex is not responsible in the event that the shipment does not arrive due to a wrong address, or because of the shipment of one of the prohibited items, or because of the actions of any governmental authority, including customs.

• Products in our Medex warehouse are insured at their full value provided the value does not exceed $2500. An invoice for the product must be provided to prove the value of the product. Note that Medex knows the weight of incoming shipments approximately to the weight of the product. To ensure that there is no fraud in the claim or in the event that an incorrect product was received.

7- Fraud:-

• In the event of any fraud attempt to pay or the customer's identity or to use your Medex membership in any fraud, Medex has full authority to cancel the customer's membership without any kind of compensation.

• If an official complaint is received by the authorities or the sender of the shipment about the existence of a fraud, the company has the right to cancel the customer's account and hand over the shipment to the authorities or return it to the exporter.

8- Prohibited and Dangerous Substances:

• Customer agrees not to order any item prohibited by any (local, US or federal regulations). Medex will not ship any of the prohibited items from any of these parties, knowing that any prohibited item is subject to confiscation. Medex provides a sample list of products prohibited from shipping in addition to what may be prohibited in the customer's country and any other product that the company considers illegal or harmful. To see a sample of the ban, click here.

• Medex does not provide an international return service (the customer can use the seller to get a paid return(.

• You can return the shipments purchased from American stores for any reason, in coordination with the seller through Medex, if you wish, knowing that it entails shipping costs, and if it is possible to provide a bill of lading, a nominal fee will be collected.

• The customer shall be responsible for any additional documents required to clear the shipment from customs, and in the event the customer requests any prohibited, prohibited, or requires additional documents - the customer shall be responsible for any penalties or financial fines resulting from his request. Customer bears return fees (or taxes if applicable) for any shipment returned from customs to the source, Medex is not responsible for the costs of returning shipment.

• Any prohibited items that cannot be shipped within the US due to carrier restrictions or local laws will be immediately disposed of. Medix is ​​not responsible for physical damages resulting from such conduct.

• Hazardous materials that are shipped to some countries may require additional time (3-5 working days) - they may require additional time during shipping and customs clearance and there are no guarantees about the time of arrival. Shipments containing hazardous materials may require additional charges from carriers.

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